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NFTs – Let’s start from Non-Fungible Taslaq suits!

Taslaq.World is a Joint Venture between Jamal Taslaq Couture, WorldcApp – now Creativity also has its World Cup – and Reda Industries to tell the fascinating story of a man, artist and fashion designer, through the lifestyle it inspires.

It is the story of a journey that took Jamal from Nablus in Palestine to New York at the United Nations headquarters, via Italy; from Sharon Stone to Queen Rania of Jordan, through Made in Italy. A path life that makes his name synonymous with union between peoples, cultures, traditions and innovations.

Just as Jamal Taslaq Couture outfits, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and what they will univocally identify here, will be full of prestige and creativity, a fusion of past and future, East and West, majestically made with Italian fabrics, touch and craftsmanship.

Let’s start from Non-Fungible Taslaq suits!